Other Organizations in Amity


Close Cooperation


Our branch of the Order is currently cooperating extensively with the OSMTJ under the leadership of Fr+ Nicolas Haimovici Hastier. Exciting new joint projects will be announced in the next few months.

Commandry of Argentina – Commander Jeong Gustavo & Dr. Antonio Las Heras

Commandry of  Armenia – Commander General Taron Abrahamyan

Grand Priory of Austria – Deputy Regent & Grand Prior: General Ronald S. Mangum

Grand Priory of  Belgium  – Grand Prior: Jean-louis Lams

Commandry of Brazil – Commander Gilmar Carmargo

Commandry of Bulgaria – Commander Kaloyan Statkov, Sofia, Bulgaria

Grand Priory of Canada  – Grand Prior: Keven Elles

Commandry of Costa Rica – Commander Agnes Martínez

Grand Priory of Croatia – Grand Prior Zoran Vojnic Tunic

Commandry of the Czech Republic – Commander Josef Fedorko

Grand Priory of England and Wales – Grand Prior Godfrey Fowler

Grand Priory of Ecuador – Grand Prior Dr. Edgar Mazón

Commandry of Germany  – Commander: Thomas Kohwagner

Grand Priory of Greece

Grand Priory of Georgia – Grand Prior Teimuraz Rhem Toumanishvili

Grand Priory of Hungary – Grand Prior: Tibor Urban

Commandry of Indonesia – Commander Franz Zinger

Grand Priory of Ireland  – Grand Prior Daithi O’Briain

Grand Priory of Latvia – Grand Prior  Vladimirs Kovalevskis

Grand Priory of Mexico – Grand Prior: Javier Morones Quintero

Commandry of the Nederlands  – Commander Eugène Clignett-Diaz

Commandry of Norway – Commander Elizebeth Steen

Grand Priory of Peru – Grand Prior Jose Santos Gamarra Soto

Grand Priory of Portugal – Grand Prior Luis Matos

Commandry of Puerto Rico – Commander Rodulfo Gautier Portuondo

Commandry of Romania  – Commander Michel Tarlowski

Grand Priory of Serbia– Grand Prior Slobodan Traparic

Commandry of Slovenia – Commander Rajko Kreft

Grand Priory of Spain – Grand Prior Dr. Juan Antonio Cabezos Martínez

Grand Priory of Switzerland – Grand Prior: Chev. Aldo Baudrocco

Grand Priory of Tasmania – Grand Prior Joseph Jakob

Grand Priory of the United States of America – Grand Prior: Bryant Jones

Commandry of Venezuala  – Commander Fr. Giovanni Luisio Mass


Our branch of the Order is currently cooperating with the OSMTH under the leadership of Fr+ David N. Appleby. The OSMTHU  is a United Nations Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Geneva, Switzerland

Grand Priory of Argentina

Großpriorat Österreich OSMTH

Grand Priory of Belgium

Grand Priory of Bulgaria

Grand Priory of Canada

Grand Priory of the Republic of Croatia

Grand Priory of Finland – Temppeliherrain Ritarikunta

Grand Prieuré de France du Temple (GPFT)

Grand Priory of Germany – OSMTH Großpriorat Deutschland

Grand Priory of Greece

Gran Priorato d’Italia dell’Ordine dei Cavalieri del Tempio di Jerusalem

OSMTH Grand Priory of NATO

Grand Priory of Portugal

Grand Priory of Russia

Grand Priory of Serbia

Grand Priory of Sweden

Grand Priory of Ukraine

The Grand Priory of Knights Templar in the United Kingdom

Grand Priory of the United States – SMOTJ


Our branch of the Order is currently cooperating with the following other Templar groups

Grand Priory of Servia – OSMTH – Regency – Grand Prior Nenad Davidovic

Priory of Toledo – OSMTH – Regency – Prior Francisco Miguel Caballero